Video captures for various Allergy-related interviews (in Greek)

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CBRNE-related photos from various activities within my professional spectrum

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BELGIUM: Invited lecturer at the Belgian Internists Symposium (10 May 2019)
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Programme Symposium (3).pdf Programme Symposium (3).pdf
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GREECE: SSEE (Shielding South-East Europe from CBRNe threats" held in Athens during May 2018.

Venue: Center for Security Studies (KEMEA)

Audience: CBRN First Responders

GREECE: Invited  speaker (full day - 06 Nov 2018) at the Joint Special Weapons School, Hellenic National Defense General Staff.
GREECE: Deliver lectures to a CBRNE Course for the personnel of the First Unit Countering Disasters (1st EMAK) of Hellenic Fire Service (4-5 Nov 2017).

GREECE: Participation as speaker and member of the consortium at the Basic CBRN Training Course for the "Shielding SE Europe from CBRNE threats [SSEE] project, held at KEMEA Athens (30,31/10, 1,2/11/2017).

ITALY: Participation as invited speaker and co-chairman (Session 5 - Medical) at the 1st International Scientific Conference on CBRNe held in Rome (22-24 May 2017).
GREECE: Participation as a speaker to the SAGE conference (28 April 2017), of the EU IMPRESS project (as KEMEA member of the consortium).
Topic: IMPRESS perspectives on CBRNE incidents

BELGIUM: On Thursday 26th and Friday 27th of January 2017, the International CBRNE Institute (ICI) welcomed its sponsors for a 2-day decontamination course. As well as expert training on the principles and processes of decontamination there were company and product demonstrations from sponsors Scott Safety, Ouvry and HispanoVema

In 9-10 March 2017 the ICI hosted a Medical CBRN Introduction Day organized by the CBRN Knowledge Center (Manager: John Galatas) addressing Belgian and international medical communities.

Another series of classes for the Level 2 CBRNe Master Course at University of Rome Tor Vergata (27 Oct 2016).

Watch interview below:

During the "Information Day" (Oct 17, 2016) organized by the International CBRNE Institute (ICI) the CBRN Knowledge Center (CBRN-KC) has been officially launched and the new Manager of CBRN-KC (BrigGEN {ret] Ioannis Galatas have been introduced andt presented the goals and action plan of the KC.
FINLAND: Participation as invited lecturer at EU TOXI-TRIAGE Project's MasterClass (Helsinki; Sept 11, 2016)
ITALY: Participation as invited speaker (and Member of the Didactical Board) at the 2nd IW CBRNe Workshop organized by University of Rome Tor Vergata (CBRNe Master Courses) in Nov 20, 2015 at Villa Montragone, Rome. Topic: "CBRNE Islamic State - Hoax or Reality?"

Galatas - CBRNE Hoax_R IS Nov20 2015.pptx Galatas - CBRNE Hoax_R IS Nov20 2015.pptx
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NORWAY (Oslo): Participation as invited speaker at "2015 CBRNe Symposiet" (08 Sept 2015) held at Oslo Militære Samfund.

Galatas I: CBRN Mapping - Is the threat real?

Galatas CBRNE Mapping.pptx Galatas CBRNE Mapping.pptx
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Cyprus: Participation at the IMPRESS Project (EU) partners' workshop (22-23 Oct 2014. Interview at Cyprus MEGA TV station on Ebola preparedness and emergency management.
Greece: 2014 Executive Security Training Program - "National Security & Intelligence in the Mediterranean Region" (07-10 July, 2014)
Co-organized by RIEAS and Potomac International Center for Terrorism Studies (USA)
AWARD recipient of "Minas Ioannis Nomikos" Award for Security Research Excellence 2014

Germany: NATO School Oberammergau - "NATO Defense Against Terrorism Course" (09-13 June, 2014)

Chania, Crete (Greece): NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Centre (NMIOTC) - "WMD 6000 Course" (2-6 June, 2014)

London, UK (03 April 2014): Annual ICPEM conference at UCL.

ICPEM 2014

CBRN Hardening of Soft Targets - Airports, Shopping Malls & Luxury Hotels

Galatas ICPEM April 3 2014.pptx Galatas ICPEM April 3 2014.pptx
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Thank you Ioannis.pdf Thank you Ioannis.pdf
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Doha, Qatar (18-20 Feb 2014): Training course for First Responders' medical personnel on "Response to Chemical Disasters" (Doha Regional Centre for CBRN Taining - National Committee for the Prohibition of Weapons).

Abu Dhabi, UAE (16-20 March 2014); AD Police Training Administration - "Disasters & Emergencies Management" course for Supervisors.

Topic: "CBRNE Resilience Strategies"


NOTE: Normal flow of above presentation starts after 04:00 due to some technical problems we faced during the lecture. The unexpected always happens!

(Feb 2013):
Contribution to the Post Graduate Program of Athens Nursing School "Disaster Medicine & Crisis Management" (National & Kapodistrian University of Athens)

UAE (December 2012): CBRN training for Abu Dhabi, UAE Police Authority (Ports & Airports Police Department at Abu Dhabi's International Airport facilities) - Groups 1 (top two) and 2 (bottom two).

ITALY (2012): Cristanini S.p.A. company 40-years awards

CYPRUS - 1st International Conference on Safety and Crisis Management in the Construction, Tourism and SMEs Sectors (1st CoSaCM)
- June 24th – 28th 2011 (EUC Cultural Center, Engomi, Nicosia, Cyprus)


Two presentations for a conference that was not meant to be... in Houston, TX, USA (November 11th, 2013)...

GTA_Part 1.pptx GTA_Part 1.pptx
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GTA_Part 2.pptx GTA_Part 2.pptx
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ManyFacesT.pptx ManyFacesT.pptx
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Reasoning.pdf Reasoning.pdf
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ITALY: Interview with General Ioannis Galatas(07.20.2016) - After a very appreciated lecture carried out at the second level International CBRNe Master Course, an interview was carried out to Gen. Ioannis Galatas by the Greek Army.

UK: Invited expert at the Lancashire Co-Design Workshop (3-4th May 2016; Lancaster University, UK

ITALY: Delivering classes at University of Rome Tor Vergata for the CBRNe Masters Program (Oct 22, 2015 - Module 6 [Medical])

Deliver introductory class to New Intern CBRNe Masters Program (Mar 23, 2016)


GERMANY: Presentation for SAG Meeting for EU IMPRESS Research Project (Oct 12, 2015)

NATO Maritime Interdiction Operations Training Center (NMIOTC) Journal (issue 10; Summer 2015): Boarding Teams and CBRN Threats (pp.38-47)
Galatas I, Palaiodimos L and Sxoinas A


NMIOTCjournal10.pdf NMIOTCjournal10.pdf
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INDONESIA (Bali): Participation as invited speaker at the 41st World Military Medicine Congress (17-22 May, 2015).
Two papers based on Bali's presentations
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GALATAS_CBRNE Forensics.pdf GALATAS_CBRNE Forensics.pdf
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Follow-up letter from the ICMM

Letter to BG GI.pdf Letter to BG GI.pdf
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Thank You Letter.pdf Thank You Letter.pdf
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Certificate of Appreciation for contribution in the didactical sessions of "International CBRNe Masters' Courses" held by the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" (January & March 2015)
Battling Ebola! (Dec 2014) as presented at NMIOTC's "WMD Course" (Souda Naval Base, Crete: 08-12 Dec 2014)

NMIOTC_Galatas EBOLA.pptx NMIOTC_Galatas EBOLA.pptx
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Greece: Participation as instructor at the WMD6000 Course held at NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Center (8-12 Dec 2014) at Souda Naval Base, Crete.

Armenia: Participation as invited lecturer at the "1st International Congress on Military Medicine" organized in Yerevan by the Armenian MoD and the Military Doctors' Association of Armenia (09-13 Oct 2014)

Participation at the 1st Workshop of EU funded (FP-7) project IMPRESS (IMproving Preparedness and Response of HEalth Services in major criseS) held in Rome, Italy (23-24 July 2014).

Allergy and Immunology 2014 UPDATE

Part I: End 2013 - April 2014

Part II: To be uploaded end of December 2014


2014 Allergy Update - Part I.pptx 2014 Allergy Update - Part I.pptx
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My interview at Spring 2014 issue of CST & CBRNE Source Book and Security & Border Protection (Double Issue) - pp.18-19

2014_CBRNE.pdf 2014_CBRNE.pdf
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Somali Piracy - 2014 Update (as of April this year) 

2014 Somali Piracy Update.pptx 2014 Somali Piracy Update.pptx
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April 2013:
Active participation at CSCM Word Congress in Croatia.


Hospitals' CBRNE Preparedness: Are we Ready? [2013]

1 - Galatas Hosp CBRN Prep.pptx 1 - Galatas Hosp CBRN Prep.pptx
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Hotels & Resorts' CBRNE Preparedness [2013]

2 - Galatas Hotel CBRN Prep.pptx 2 - Galatas Hotel CBRN Prep.pptx
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Lessons Learned (?) from three Olympic Games (2004 - 2008 -2012) [2013]
3 - Galatas CBRN_Probl_Identified.pptx 3 - Galatas CBRN_Probl_Identified.pptx
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September 2012:
Active participation at the Maritime Security Conference in UK.

Managing CBRNE casualties on ship and on shore [2012]

Galatas - CBRN Maritime.pptx Galatas - CBRN Maritime.pptx
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The weakest links in CBRNE planning [2013]
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"Cannot Bother Right Now" - CBRN Hospitals' Preparedness
(with participants from 5 countries)

MC Moderator: Galatas I

23-27 September 2013
Salvador da Bahia
8_BioSafe_appr.pdf 8_BioSafe_appr.pdf
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