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July 24, 2012

"I have attended Dr. John Galatas's seminar and presentations that their areas of focus were CBRNe and review of the 2004 Athene Olympic Game's security concerns. Dr. Galatas is an expert when it comes to CBRNe. His in-depth insight combined with eloquent and concise modes of communication effectively explains about CBRNe and the security concerns surrounding it, in both academic and operational sense."

Joseph Lerner, Analyst and Strategist, Editor-in-Chief of Ideas That Shape Think Tank, Canada


December 17, 2011

“John has an immense and prolific interest in CBRN ...some of the power point slides delivered during the conference at India is still being refered by experts wishes”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Firoze Zia Hussain, CEO Totem International Ltd, India


January 6, 2011

“I am writing to recommend John Galatas BG(ret) - MD (Allergy), MA (Terr), MC (Army) at RIEAS (Athens, Greece) who recently retired as a nationally respected Brigadier General, having served his country faithfully for 35 years. I know John from my professional security network, but he recently completed a specialist MA studies in Terrorism at the University of Coventry where I work as Director of the Centre for Disaster Management. John has a highly decorated and distinguished background as military CBRNE Officer & Planner. He has worked world wide with other agencies on advanced counter-terrorism and CBRNE projects. John served as the Head of the Department of Asymmetric Threats, Intelligence Analysis Branch, Joint Military Intelligence Division, Hellenic National Defense General Staff. John is a qualified M.D. who was appointed Head of the Department of Allergy & Clinical Immunology at the Army General Hospital of Athens. John was responsible for the CBRNE planning in preparation for the 2004 Greek Olympic Games. I have worked with John and know him to be a dedicated and reliable person who I can confidently testify has a significant specialism and talent; it is therefore my pleasure to recommend him.”

Wayne Harrop, Director, Centre for Disaster Management, Coventry University, UK


December 30, 2010

“I was trained after Commandant J. Galatas in 2004, in various assymetric threats' subjects. It was the first time I met someone so passionated with his job, along with a continuous interest for improving his knowledge on CBRN issues. At the same time, he believed in sharing his knowledge with his colleagues and kept on training us in the most modern methods, repeatingly achieving high-level training in International centers in Switzerland, Czech Republic and elsewhere, while he managed to organize seminars in Athens, with teachers specialized in CBRN warfare. His professionalism was clear in every aspect of his job and he achieved to keep a safe and ready-to-correspond Unit during the Athens Olympic and Parolympic Games 2004 when NO terroristic or CBRN incidents were reported. finally, Commandant Galatas kept excellent relationships among the CBRN Unit members, achieving unity and solidarity in a difficult unit, made up of different and demanding people. I have Commandant J. Galatas as an example of commanding and professionalism and I regard myself as lucky to have had him training me.”

Dimitrios Giannoglou, MD, Cardiologist Consultant, Army General Hospital of Athens, Greece

January 10, 2010

“To whom it may concern:
I fully recommend Brigadier General (ret'd) Ioannis Galatas to you. He is an excellent researcher and a prolific writer too. He has contributed a lot - with innovative ways and thoughts - to the areas of asymmetric/unconventional threats. He has a very broad coverage and knowledge or recent events at global scale and a specific interest on weapons of mass destruction/proliferation. He is a very social, polite and dynamic individual thus making him attractive to any working place/environment. He has my entire support to any of his future plans. I remain at your disposal to provide you with any additional materials and information about him"

Dr. Athanasios E. Drougos, Senior Researcher and Lecturer
in Defense and Counter-Terrorism, Athens, Greece