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In the Asymmetric Threats/CBRN Defense/ Disaster Management fields

  • Organize hospital/medical CBRN/All-Hazards defense (planning, training, equipment selection);
  • Organize critical infrastructure CBRN defense (planning, training, equipment selection);
  • Organize CBRNE hardening of hotels and resorts (Moto: 5 stars in Hospitality - 5 stars in Security)
  • Disseminate knowledge on CBRN counter-measures for the populace (important task usually ignored by state authorities);
  • Operate as asymmetric threats/CBRN/violent risks consultant in security companies/firms or state organizations;
  • Operate as counter-piracy consultant in maritime security companies (including those providing armed escort);
  • Provide lectures/modules in medical/dental/veterinary/nursing university schools and academia business schools on emerging new threats and mass casualties/disaster management issues;
  • Organize and run a “Medical CBRN Defense Training School” that can provide both theoretical and practical working experience to medical/nursing personnel nation-wide;
  • Participate as operational/medical CBRN defense consultant/leader in EU-funded security projects;
  • Run an academic “Master Degree” program on Asymmetric Threats (international terrorism, organized crime, global security, maritime terrorism, illegal immigration, climate change, energy/water resources, cyber-warfare, and security governance).


Invited Lecturer/Keynote speaker in CBRNE Conferences/Workshops



—  OPCW Chemical Assistance and Protection Conference (22-26 Sept) – Sozopolis, Bulgaria: «Medical CBRN Preparedness for the 2004 Olympic Games»

—  3rd NBC Medicine and Defense Conference “Bio-medical lessons learned from Major Nuclear Accidents”: “Toxic, Radiological and Nuclear Threats”. (Athens, 6-7 Oct). Organization: NBC School/Sanitary Division/Air Force General Staff.



—  1st Seminar on Hospital CBRN Defense (Athens, March 5 – for the personnel of the Olympic Hospital CBRN Defense Response Unit)

—  2nd Seminar on Hospital CBRN Defense (Athens, March 25 – for the personnel of the Army General Hospital of Athens)

—  3rd Seminar on Hospital CBRN Defense (Athens, May 15for the personnel of the Olympic Hospital CBRN Defense Response Unit)



—  Security of 2004 Olympic Games Conference (16 Νοε) – Doha, Qatar (following invitation of Qatar Minister of Public Order): «Medical CBRN Defense during the AthensOlympiad»

—  International Conference «Elements of Combating WMD Terrorism: CivilianMilitary Interoperability and Research» (14-16 Sep) – Warsaw-Józefów, Poland:

(1) «Integration of Civilian-Military Response in CBRN Medical Preparedness Lessons Learned»

(2) «Preparedness for Mass Decontamination during 2004 Olympics»

Organization: ΝΑΤΟ & Przeciwdzialania Terrorryzmowi Funfacja I Zagroze Biologicnym

—  1st Pan-Hellenic Armed Forces Nurse Congress (Athens, Dec 3) «CBRN Attack – The Ultimate Terror»



—  NBC Defense Capabilities – Combating and Deterring CBRN Terrorism (21-22 Feb), Corinthia Towers Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic: «Is our Medical System Prepared to Deal with WMD Terrorism Incidents?»

—  Postdoctoral Daily Seminar “The Ultimate Terror of CBRN Weapons” (May 16), Red Cross Hospital, Department of Nursing Services. Hellenic Red Cross

—  CBRN Exploitation CourseApproaching Illegal CB Laboratories (26 Jun – 7 Jul) at the training campus of National Intelligence Service. Organization: Department of EOD, Hellenic Police and US Embassy Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Athens

—  International Crisis Management Conference «Athena 2006» (Athens, 29-30 June) «Are we Prepared to Deal with a Real CBRN Terrorism Incident?» Organization: Hellenic National Defense General Staff/ Crisis Management Center/ Multinational Organizations’ Department

—  CBRN Counter-Proliferation & Response Conference (18-20 Sep), Marriott Champs Elysees Paris, France: «Medical CBRN Defense – Lessons Learnt from the Athens’ 2004 Olympics»

—  Sports Science Congress: Sports Science in the 21st Century (15-17 Sep), Hyatt Hotel, Doha, Qatar:

(1) «Pre-Games CBRN Disaster Response Planning for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens»,

(2) «Evaluation of the CBRN Preparation for the 2004 Olympic Games»

Organization: Doha Asian Games Organizing Committee – 15th Asian Games: 

1-15 Dec 2006)

—  Hellenic Police Academy Daily Seminar: “Management of CBRN casualties” for the EOD Departments of Hellenic Police and Hellenic Coast Guard (Athens, 10, 17, 24 Nov, 1, 8, 15 Dec)

—  International Seminar CBSC/SEDM (Southeastern Europe Defense Ministerial) with the participation of 11 countries (USA, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Italy, Romania, Turkey, FYROM, Ukraine) (Athens, 14-15 Dec): «Olympic Games 2004 CBRN DefensePreparedness, implementation and lessons identified». (Organization: Working Group CBSC [Counter-terrorism Border Security, Counter-proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, SEDM)

—  Annual Congress of the European Public Health Association (10-15 Νov) Stravinsky Music & Congress Center, Montreux, Switzerland: «European Training for Health Professionals on Rapid Response to Health Threats Following Biochemical Terrorism Incident – ETHREAT Project»



—  Postdoctoral Daily SeminarMedical CBRN Defense” (Jan 16), Red Cross Hospital, Department of Nursing Services. Hellenic Red Cross

—  Marcus Evans Conference Singapore (Jun 5) «Medical Management of CBRN Casualties» - Singapore

—  Pilot Course ETHREAT Project (Athens, 23-26 May): ETHREAT: European Training for Health Professionals on Rapid Response to Health CBRN Threats

Audience: High rank officials for 27 EU member-states that will reproduce the course in their national medical authorities.


(1)      Grounding the threat into reality

(2)      Chemical Weapons II

(3)      CBRN casualties management software

(4)      CBRN hospital preparedness

(5)      Management of radio-contaminated casualties

—  International Crisis Management Conference «Athena 2007» (Athens, 4-6 Jul) «Medical Countermeasures Following CBRN Terrorism Attack in Urban Environment» (Organization: Hellenic National Defense General Staff/ Crisis Management Center/ Multinational Organizations’ Department)

—  NATO Advanced Research International Workshop "Urban Structure Resilience under Multi-Hazard Threats: Lessons of 9/11 and Research Issues for Future Work (Moscow, 16-18 Jul in cooperation with Russian Ministry of Emergency, Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Ministry of Science and Technology). Invited lecturer: «Medical Countermeasures Following CBRN Terrorism Attack in Urban Environment»

—  «Executive Program in Counterterrorism – CREATE» (12-19 Aug) (Organization: University of Southern California, USA). Invited lecturer: «Medical Countermeasures Following CBRN Terrorism Attack in Urban Environment – The Olympic Games 2004 Lessons Identified»

—  SMI Conference on «CBRN-E: Preparing for the Modern Threat» (Madrid, 24-25 Sept) «Medical Countermeasures Following CBRN Terrorism Attack in Urban Environment»

—  Master’s Degree Program “Crisis, Mass Destructions and Emergencies’ Management” (Nov 30) «Terrorism Chemical Agents». Organization: Department of Nursing, University of Athens.



—  CBRNE Defense Capabilities Europe - Marcus-Evans Conference «Preparedness of Medical Operations to cope with CBRNE Incidents» (Brussels, 19-21 Feb)

—  Marcus Evans Defense Conference: «Readiness of Medical Corps  to Deal with CBRNE Incidents»  (Brussels, Feb 20)

—  5ο HAPC Congress: «Terrorism and Tourism» (Athens, Feb 28)

—  5th Hotel Management Conference: «Food Chain and Terrorism» (Athens, March 22)

—  Harvard HSPH-Cyprus International Initiative for the Environment and Public Health: «2007 Wild fires in Greece – Unpredictable phenomenon or man-made action - Pyroterrorism?» - (Athens, Apr 2)

—  CBMTS-Industry VI - “Fifth World Congress on Chemical, Biological and Radiological Terrorism” - Spiez Laboratory «Physical & Behavioural Signals for “Screeners” Indicating a Human Vector May Have Handled CBW Agents» (13-18 Αpr) - Spiez, (Switzerlandd) – Co-lecturer with Prof Peter Leitner (President, Higgins Counterterrorism Research Center - Former, Co-Founder, National Center for Biodefense, George Mason University , Fairfax , Virginia, U.S.A.)

—  Marcus Evans Defense Conference: «Are Medical Corps Ready to Deal with CBRNE Incidents?» (London, Mar 13)

—  International Crisis Management Conference «Athena 2008» «CBRNE Crisis Management in Urban Environment» (Athens, 2-5 Jul – under the auspices of MoD)

—  International Crisis Management Symposium on NBC and Emerging Infectious Diseases - Chiba Institute of Science: «CBRN Defence in Greece and Anti-terror Measures At The Olympics» (Chiba, Chiossi, Japan – 13-16 Sep)



—  Joint Military Intelligence School – Pilot School in English for the military intelligence personnel of SE Mediterranean countries (Athens, 29 Jan):


  • Terrorism and Asymmetric Warfare
  • Typology of Asymmetry
  • Asymmetric Vulnerability
  • Management of Asymmetric Threats
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Psychological Consequences of Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Piracy off-coast Somalia

—  First International Symposium «Security Measures and Technical Solutions for Major Events and Expanding CitiesEnhancing Public-Private Partnerships»: «Major Events, Mass Gatherings: How can technology assist to counter new threats?» (Abu Dhabi, UAE, 18-20 May – under the auspices of Dep Prime Minister Lt General Shaikh Saif Bin Zayed Nahayan and UNICRIs Security Governance/Counter-Terrorism Laboratory, United Nations)

—  8th NATO/MD Conference for Intelligence Experts: «Piracy and Terrorism or Maritime Terrorism – Piracy Off-Coast Somalia» (Athens, Jul 4)

—  Secure London 2009Setting International Security Standards for Cities and Major Events: «Medical/Hospital CBRN Defence in Megapolis Environment»– (London, 28-29 Oct)

—  OPCWPortuguese Secretariat of Civil Defence Conference: «Medical/Hospital CBRN Defence in Megapolis Environment » (Lisbon, Nov 25)

—  Hellenic-Tunisian Defense Meeting: «Illegal Immigration and National Security» (Athens, Dec 2)

—  Security Watch India Conference: «Medical/Hospital CBRN Defence in Megapolis Environment – Towards 2010 Commonwealth Games» (N Delhi, India, Dec 9)



—  SMi Defense Conference «Counter CBRN Operations»: «Medical/Hospital CBRN Defence in Urban/Megapolis Environment» (London, 1-2 Feb)

—  EURADOS 4th Winter School: «Emergency preparedness in biological/chemical emergencies» (Rome, Feb 3)

—  Master’s Degree Program “Crisis, Mass Destructions and Emergencies’ Management” (Feb 19) «Terrorism Chemical Agents». Organization: Department of Nursing, University of Athens.

—  11th NATO/MD Conference for Intelligence Experts: «Piracy and Terrorism or Maritime Terrorism?» (Lisbon, Apr 16)

—  CSARN Conference: «Critical Leadership in a CBRN terrorism incident – A medical Perspective» - London, June 11)

—  RUSI – LTN Conference: «Innovations in Medical CBRN Defense – Towards 2012 Olympic Games» (London, June 23 – Under the auspices of Home Office)

—  Balkan Asymmetric Threats Sub-Working Group Conference: “Medical CBRN Defense” (Bucharest, 22-24 Sept)

—  ISDS Seminar – Leadership in Emergency Times: Strategies, Tactics and Operations in Homeland Security: “The 2004 Olympic Games’ CBRN Defense – Lessons Learned?” (Tel Aviv, 27 Oct – 5 Nov)

—  SMi Defense Conference – Counter Terrorism: «CASE STUDY: The Athens Olympics – Security Procedures and Best Practice» (London, 10-11 Nov)



CBRN Counter Operations

2nd & 3rd February 2011

Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London, UK


2011 CBRN Resilience

29-30 March, 2011

Mayfair Conference Centre, London, UK


CBRN-E Asia-Pacific

11th & 12th April 2011

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore


Counter Terror Expo

19-20 April 2011

Olympia London, UK


1st International Conference on Safety and Crisis Management in the Construction, Tourism and SMEs Sectors (1st COSACM)

24-28 June 2011

European University of Cyprus, EUC Cultural Center, Engomi, Nicosia

Ü  Two presentations: one on medCBRNE defence; the other on tourism and terrorism

Psychology of CBRN mass casualties

EU-funded project

12-14 July 2011

Berlin, Germany

Invited as CBRN expert


6th Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress

10-14 September 2011

Island of Kos, Greece

“Are Hospitals Prepared to Deal with New Emerging Threats?”


CBRN Resilience

7 October 2011

London, UK

“An Anthropocentric Approach of Medical/Hospital CBRNE Preparedness during Mega-events in a Megapolis Environment”


Joint Military Intelligence School

24 October & 7 November 2011

Athens, Greece

One day dedicated to asymmetric threats (terrorism/ WMDs) for junior officers (24/10) and senior analysts (7/11)


The Serious Games Institute, Coventry University (London Campus)

17 November 2011

London, UK

“Medical/Hospital CBRNE Defense – Two Olympiads Eight Years Apart (Athens 2004 – London 2012)”


Famagusta General Hospital in association with Famagusta Medical Association

Under the auspices of Minister of Health

09-10 December 2011

Famagusta, Cyprus

Only speaker in a two days workshop on: “New Emerging Threats – Allergic diseases and CBRNE terrorism”

  • Day 1: dedicated to allergic diseases for the personnel of Cyprus public/private hospitals and clinics (6 presentations)
  • Day 2: dedicated to CBRNE threats for state officials, first responders and medical community of Cyprus (6 presentations)


































Combat Trauma Innovation

17-19 January 2012

London, UK

“Hospital CBRNE Preparedness”



Dublin City University (DCU), Business School

03 February 2012

Dublin, Ireland

Invited speaker: “CBRN Preparedness in Urban Environment”


CBRN-E Asia Pacific 2012

22-23 February 2012


"Hospital CBRNE Defence - Golden hour vs. White decades"


Tactical Combat Casualty Care for Armed Ship Guards

Poseidon Maritime Security – Athens, Greece

11 March 2012

  • Piracy in the Horn of Africa
  • War casualties – Lessons from the past
  • First Aid pack


Master’s Degree Program: “Crisis, Mass Destructions and Emergencies’ Management”

Medical School, University of Athens

24 March 2012

“Chemical Terrorism in city environment”


CBRN Defense in the Hospital Environment Master-Class

02 April 2012

London, UK

“Hospital CBRNE Defense Masterclass” – Moderator & Speaker


Counter Terror Expo 2012

25-26 April 2012

London, UK

“Urban CBRNE Preparedness”


Institute of Civil Protection & Emergency Management (ICPEM)

03 May 2012

Kettering Conference Centre, Kettering, UK

“Urban CBRNE Preparedness towards a Mega-Sport Event”


CBRNE in the Maritime Environment

26-27 September 2012

London, UK


Master’s Degree Program: “Crisis, Mass Destructions and Emergencies’ Management”

Medical School, University of Athens

16 February 2013

“Chemical Terrorism in city environment”



CSCM Word CBRNE Congress on CBRNe science and consequence management

13-19 April 2013

Cvatat, Croatia

(1)     Hospital CBRNE preparedness

(2)     Hotels & resorts CBRNE preparedness

(3)     Did problems identified in the last three Olympic Games (2004-2008-2012) became lessons learned?



CBRN Defense in the Hospital Environment Masterclass

09 July  2013

London, UK

“Hospital CBRNE Defense Masterclass” – Moderator & Speaker



Intelligence in the Mediterranean and the Balkans

International Intelligence History Association (IIHA) & the Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS)

2013 Annual Conference

21-23 June 2013

Athens, Greece

Speaker: Olympic Intelligence – CBRN preparedness for 2004 Olympic Games



CBRNE Europe Conference

10-11 July 2013

London, UK

Chairman and speaker (TBD)


8th Brazilian Bio-Security Congress

23-27 September 2013

Salvador, Brazil

(1)     Keynote speaker in pre-congress workshop for major stakeholders of Word Cup 2014 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games (23 Sept)

(2)     Speaker: “Hospital CBRNE preparedness – The weak link in planning” (25 Sept)


Global Threat Assessment and Preparedness

27 September 2013

Omni Houston Hotel

Houston, TX

Topics: (1)  Global Threat assessment ; (2) The many faces of Terrorism


Terrorist Information New York Group (TINYg) Conference

09 October 2013

London, UK

Topic: Medical Sector CBRNE Preparedness


EUROMED Police III Project

18-22 November 2013

Athens, Greece

Topics (TBD)


Training Course for First Responders’ Medical Personnel on “Response to Chemical Disasters” – Doha Regional Centre for CBRN Training, Qatar

18-20 February 2014

Topics: (1) TIC/CWA detection equipment; (2) Personal Protective Equipment – Medical perspective (pros & cons); (3) Hospital Preparedness for Decontamination; (4) Medical Management – Response in the Hospital.

Moderator in Table-Top Exercises: (1) Chemical Triage – case scenarios; (2) Response in the Hospital (CWA)


4th Annual Fire Safety Technology Forum UAE

03 March 2014

Yas Viceroy Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Topic: CBRN Resilience Strategies

Training course for Abu Dhabi Police Supervisors on "Disasters and Emergencies Management" 

15-20 March 2014

Al Raha Beach Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Publications in CBRNE-related Books & Journals 



—  «Mass Decontamination of casualties following terrorist attack with chemical weapons» (in Greek) – Greek Army Publications (pp. 1-120)



—  NBC International: «Olympic Aegis». Winter 2005, pp 19-22.



—  Discovery & Science: «Chemical and Biological TerrorismIs it as terrible as we believe?» - 16 Sep 2006 issue, pp 54-68.

—  Journal of International Security: «Decontamination of Forces», Oct 2006 issue, p 25



—  Medical Countermeasures Following Terrorism CBRNE Attack in urban Environment. In “Resilience of Cities to Terrorist and Other Threats. Learning from 9.11 and further research Issues”. NATO Science for Peace and security Series – C: Environmental Security. Pasman HJ and Kirillov IA (eds). Springer, 2007; 401-417.



—  ETHREAT Project: How to Respond to radiological, biological and Chemical Threats – A Guide for the European Front-Line Health Professional (pp.124 + CD)



—  Asymmetric Threats Intelligence Manual” (in Greek – classified) – Greek Army Publications (pp. 1-236)

—  “Medical Management of CBRN Threats” - Greek Army Publications (pp. 1-85)



—  Chemical & Biological Review Summer-2011 - 2004 Olympic Games - Athens: A Lesson of Interoperability

—  Defense and Security Alert – A monthly publication commitment to India’s Defense and Security. "Hospital CBRN Defense" (November's 2011 issue)

—  Reviewer of the New Edition of “Jane’s Chemical Biological Handbook” (2012)



—  International Journal of Emergency Management (IJEM) - 2012 Olympic Games Terrorist CBRE Threat Estimate and Medical Response (March 2012 issue, Vol 8:3, pp. 228-244)

—  Chemical, Biological & Nuclear Warfare Journal: All-hazards response – Are responders and hospitals/health workers in the UK equipped to respond to a multiple attack? (2012/2 issue; pp. 18-20)

—  Chemical, Biological & Nuclear Warfare Journal: Olympics 2012: CBRNE Lessons learned from London readiness for future events (2012/2 issue; pp. 46-48)

—  Reviewer of: Exploring Synergies between Preparedness and General Public Health Measures. Springer Publications: NATO Science for Peace and Security Series – A: Chemistry and Biology



—  Crisis Response Journal (CRJ) – CBRN Planning in the Urban Environment (Volume 8: Issue 4; 2013, pp. 28-30)

—  militaerTeknikk Journal (Norway) – Anthropocentric CBRNE Planning and Hospitals (2013 accepted for publication)



Participation in Greek CBRN Congresses



—  Symposium: Major Industrial Accidents (Athens, June 21) Organization: Armed Forces Special Weapons School (ΣΕΟΕΔ - SEOED)


Participation in International CBRNE Congresses


—  Bio-security and Public Health Conference (Athens, 31 March – 1 Apr) Organization: Harvard Medical International

—  2nd NBC International Conference & Exhibition, Italian Joint NBC School (Rieti, Italy, 3-4 Oct)



Participation in International CBRN Symposia & Trainings



—  WMD First Responders Awareness Seminar at Hellenic Police Training Campus (Athens, 30 Sep – 4 Oct) Organization: Bureau of Diplomatic Security, US Department of State



—  DGP-2003 Seminar «Examining Toxic Industrial Chemicals and Radiological Threats and their Potential Impact on NATO Operations» (Athens, 15-16 May) Organization: Hellenic National Defense General Staff

—  NBC Threat – A Crisis Management Challenge (Jyveskyla, Finland, 15-18 June) Organization: Association of Finnish Chemical Societies

—  R.A.P.I.D. Training Workshop (Athens, 2-3 Dec) at 251 Air Force General Hospital – Organization: Idaho Technologies IncUSA)



—  Hospital-based Management of Mass Casualties Incidents at the Hellenic Police Training Campus [Hellenicon Airport – Police Training Air Field] (Athens, 24-28 Feb) Organization: Bureau of Diplomatic Security, US Department of State and US Department of Energy, Nonproliferation and National Security



—  International Consequence Management Seminar (Tel Aviv, Israel, 17-22 Dec) Organization: IDF Home Front Command’s National Civil Defense and NBC School


CBRNE Internet e-Journal




—  Editor-in-Chief: “CBRNE-Terrorism Newsletter – on-line bimonthly eJournal dedicated to Global First Responders

Latest issue: January 2014